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Beneath the rocky cliffs of Oia on Santorini there’s a little gem hiding along the shores of the sparkling caldera waters.

It’s a bit adventurous, completely cut-off from the crowds lurking the photogenic alleys of the streets above and is ideal for a once in a lifetime swimming experience.

Santorini is known for its famous and colourful Red Beach, White Beach and Black Beach however this spot isn’t exactly a beach…it’s more a rocky cove, perfect for some fun in the sun.

Cliff jump, snorkel, photograph or sun bathe…whatever your activity of choice is, you need to visit this spot if you make it to Santorini.

While it doesn’t exactly have a name, just around the corner is Ammoudi Bay so let’s start there.

Wander down the 235 steps from the Oia Castle to Ammoudi Port which in itself is worth a memory card of photos. The colourful port is lined with seafood restaurants and vibrant little wooden boats bob around on the aqua blue water.

Follow the path to the left (when facing the sea) and wander through each restaurant until you see a track that leads around the water’s edge. As you walk along be sure to turn back every now and again as the view looking back towards Ammoudi with Oia resting on the cliff top above is one of the best views in all of Santorini!

Ammoudi Secret Santorini Beach 08

Now when you continue along the path you’ll notice signs of danger for falling rocks and unstable ground. It’s not exactly a well maintained path and from what I heard it’s advised people try not to access the beach because the cliffs crumble frequently.

Alas, you’ll find others on the path and if you walk quickly and keep your eyes and ears open, you should be fine! There is one section of the path that gets a little hairy but most rocks are quite solid and easy to walk over.

Ammoudi Secret Santorini Beach 12

It takes only about 10 minutes to reach this secret spot and you’ll see why it’s worth it the moment you arrive.

Before you in the distance are the villages of Fira and Imergovigli and the volcanic caldera is visible from all angles around you.

To see the colourful buildings of Oia you’ll need to jump in the water and swim over to the small rocky island which is home to a teeny tiny white church called Agios Nikolaos.

From the island turn around and be blown away by the view. I sat for two hours in the water with my underwater housing in awe of the scenery! And yes, I my pasty white skin got sun burnt.

Ammoudi Secret Santorini Beach 14

This spot isn’t as secretive as it once was and you’ll no doubt be sharing it with other people however there’s plenty of space to lay on the rocks and watch the daredevils jump from a platform that juts out from the church. Arrive early and you might just have it all to yourself though because the hike deters a lot of people!

The location is ideal for underwater photos in the deep clear water of the caldera and if you’re into split-level images like me it’s like swimming in a dream.

Ammoudi Secret Santorini Beach 21

Take a peek at some photos below that hopefully show why you shouldn’t miss this beautiful location on Santorini…

Oh and one last thing, if you’re a fan of the movie The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants, the small bay here is from the final scene where the girls all jump off the rocks!

A map to show the exact location…

Ammoudi Secret Santorini Beach 01 Ammoudi Secret Santorini Beach 04 Ammoudi Secret Santorini Beach 05 Ammoudi Secret Santorini Beach 07 Ammoudi Secret Santorini Beach 09 Ammoudi Secret Santorini Beach 11 Ammoudi Secret Santorini Beach 16 Ammoudi Secret Santorini Beach 22

And for the pinners…

The Secret Beach of Santorini by The Wandering Lens

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