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Travel Photography Jobs and Working as a Photographer in 2021

It’s gazing in awe as nature puts on a light show, standing outdoors as the climate reaches its extreme, walking through city streets etched with history and swimming in seas that change my perspective of the world.

Travel Photography – Destination Guides + Creative Tips

The Wandering Lens is the leading publisher of travel photography guides, listing photogenic locations around the world alongside outdoor adventures, photography tips and travel experiences.

If you get sent into dream mode simply by looking at an idyllic screensaver image, flicking through guidebooks or browsing travel images on Instagram then we’ll get along just fine!

This site is all about inspiring the creative within to capture the world in your own unique way. Everyone loves to share photos from their travels or adventures on social media, with family and friends or even professionally so why not make the photos incredible? Make people say ‘WOW’ every time they see where you’ve explored this time.

Get started exploring The Wandering Lens by following the links below…

The Best Photography Location Guides

Master Wide-Angle Landscape Photography

How To Become A Professional Photographer

Learn To Take Underwater Split-Level Images

Destination guides to cities such as Singapore, Tokyo and Kyoto are listed as the most popular photography location guides online. Complete with maps, tips for the best times to capture beautiful images and locations found a little off the regular tourist trail, take a peek at the Iceland guide for an example.

The Wandering Lens Newsletter - Learn Photography

Join me as I share the adventures of The Wandering Lens. I will be on the lookout for travellers to share their images via Instagram @the_wanderinglens using the hashtag #thewanderinglens so if you’ve been inspired by something you read here or just want to share some of your own adventures of wanderlust or amazing photographs I would love to hear from you! Those keen to join the private Facebook Group for readers, request an invite here.

If you’re a brand, tourism board or hotel interested in working with The Wandering Lens you can find more information here. Alternatively, please email to receive a current Media Kit with statistics, collaboration reports and ways we can work together.

Safe travels and get snapping…x

Iceland landscape photography by The Wandering Lens with Olympus AustraliaKiruna09-3insta
Whitehaven Beach, Whitsundays Australia by The Wandering Lens
Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany by The Wandering Lens www.thewanderinglens.comCook Islands Underwater Photography, Aitutaki with Olympus Underwater Housing
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Greetings Lisa,

Beautiful website indeed. Truly instills so much inspiration and motivation to follow my dream of photography. Especially as an Olympus user. I love this system but had doubts about the ability to use it if I wanted to go “Pro”…. Do not know if I am there yet… stilll have so much to learn. Your site propels me to get there, so thank you for all your efforts!

I am actually going to be in Brisbane May 7-9… any chance you will be in the area for a workshop or guide??

Again, lovely website and thank you!
Cheers and kindest regards,
Martha V

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