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Creative Destination Marketing

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Creative Destination Marketing + Content Creation

The Wandering Lens is the leading publisher of travel photography guides, listing photogenic locations around the world alongside outdoor adventures, photography tips and travel experiences.

It’s a guide to photographing the world for the visually inspired traveller and a travel media company working to create engaging content for  like-minded clients. Partnering with The Wandering Lens ensures you’ll reach a nice audience of 120,000+ travellers in search of their next destination.

Specialising in visual marketing, unique underwater imagery and social media campaigns, I work with tourism boards, travel companies, brands and hotels to promote photo worthy destinations and am also regularly commissioned to create image libraries and marketing material.

Along with The Wandering Lens, campaigns can also potentially incorporate editorials across my freelance portfolio which have a reach of 3million+ and offer my clients an additional outlet to promote their destination or tourism product.

If you’re looking to enhance your image library, boost audience engagement through visual content or need a fresh perspective of your destination/product to market get in touch via email for a quote or to discuss a collaboration.

Services include:

– Visual content creation

– High resolution image files

– Marketing campaigns

– Social media content

– Live coverage of press trips

– Underwater + Split-Level Landscape Imagery

– Visual Hotel Reviews

– Retail products and postcard collections

Scroll down to find a contact form to get in touch and discuss your upcoming creative project or image request.

Media Kit –

To request a Media Kit please email for a complete brief on The Wandering Lens and collaboration opportunities.

Having been involved in projects that have gathered a global reach of more than 3.6million people, The Wandering Lens can help promote your destination in a new light.



For more details and information on working with The Wandering Lens please contact or please complete the form below and I’ll be in touch asap.

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