06 Coastal – The Wandering Lens Community Collection

Monthly Collection 06 ‘Coastal’

As one of my favourite photography subjects, coastlines provide something so inspiring and intriguing to capture.

The endless movement of crashing waves, ever-changing tides, cliffs, sandy shores…I could go on and on. With so many coastlines in different regions of the world, I was so excited for the submissions this month and I wasn’t disappointed.

Such a stunning collection of images were sent through and as always, I’m unable to publish them all but want to say a big thank you to everyone who sent one through.

From light glowing above the Icelandic coast to soft pastel hues in Tasmania, Australia – scrolling through will make you want to head to the closest coast with your camera!

Alongside each image is a link to the photographer’s portfolio or social media account so have a little peek at their work. I’d love for these monthly collections to grow as a place where photographers can showcase their work and connect with one another!

Okay, let’s take a look at the collection this month…

Image by Chris Gordon

Photographer – Chris Gordon

Location – Shark Bay, Western Australia

Portfolio – Instagram

Image by Veronika Seliverstova

Photographer – Veronika Seliverstova

Location – Oostkapelle, province Zeeland, The Netherlands

Portfolio – Instagram | 500.px Portfolio

Image by Debbie McCulliss

Photographer – Debbie McCulliss

Location – South Georgia Island

Portfolio – Website

Image by Tania Wicks

Photographer – Tania Wicks

Location – Whitehaven Beach, Australia

Portfolio – Website | Instagram


Image by Suzie Weiss

Photographer – Suzie Weiss

Location – Binalong Bay, Tasmania

Portfolio – Instagram

Image by Julie Chapa

Photographer – Julie Chapa

Location – Gulf State Park Pier, Alabama

Portfolio – Instagram | Website

Image by Trond Roar Eide

Photographer – Trond Roar Eide

Location – Turøy, Vestland, Norway

Portfolio – Instagram

Image by Guenther Reissner

Photographer – Guenther Reissner

Location – Reynisfjara Beach, Iceland

Portfolio – Instagram | Website | Print Store

Image by Jean-Claude Baumert

Photographer – Jean-Claude Baumert

Location – Neist Point, Isle of Skye, Scotland

Image by Wendy Philip

Photographer – Wendy Philip

Location – West Cape, Yorke Peninsula, South Australia

Portfolio – Website | Instagram

Image by Daniel Lacroix

Photographer – Daniel Lacroix

Location – Driftwood Beach, Jekyll Island, Georgia, USA

Portfolio – Instagram | Website

Image by Oihane Azcona

Photographer – Oihane Azcona

Location – Duntulm Castle, Scotland

Portfolio – Instagram | Website

Image by Kate Crittenden

Photographer – Kate Crittenden

Location – Blueys Beach, NSW, Australia

Portfolio – Instagram

Image by Anthony Wilson

Photographer – Anthony Wilson

Location – Henningsvær, Lofoten Islands, Norway

Image by Pablo Pozo

Photographer – Pablo Pozo

Location – Benijo Beach; Tenerife; Canary Islands; Spain

Portfolio – Instagram | Flickr

Thank you so much to everyone who submitted an image for the monthly theme!

There will be a new theme announced in July via Instagram @the_wanderinglens or via the newsletter if you’ve signed up. If you’re not already receiving emails from me (not spammy, just once every few weeks or so!) you can do so here. They’re filled with photo tips, career advice and opportunities like this to submit your work to be published on this site which reaches over 125,000 readers.

You can view past collections via the links below…

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See you next month!


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