03 Sunset – The Wandering Lens Community Collection

Monthly Collection 03 Sunset

Sunset, that time of day we’re drawn to photograph as the light turns from a golden glow to a soft dusk.

The inspiring conditions lend themselves to capturing epic landscapes as the last rays of sunlight grace the peaks of mountains, as water glistens upon sandy shores and as subjects are illuminated in new ways.

Working with light is both a form of creative expression and an understanding of the natural world. 

From Paris to Hiroshima and Squamish to Sydney, this month the collection is filled with sunset goodness from all corners of the world. I’ve loved seeing the submissions of photographers within The Wandering Lens community over the past three months and am so happy to see this project develop each month.

If you’re keen to learn more about photographing sunset and golden hour, take a peek at this short guide here. For now though, browse through this collection of work from talented photographers.

Alongside each image is a link to the photographer’s portfolio or social media account so have a little peek at their work. I’d love for these monthly collections to grow as a place where photographers can showcase their work and connect with one another!

Okay, let’s take a look at the collection this month…

Image by Laura Merz

Photographer – Laura Merz

Location – Provence, France

Portfolio – Website | Instagram @lauramerzphotography

Image by Paul Woelner

Photographer – Paul Woelner

Location – Byron Bay, Australia

Portfolio – Instagram @paulwoelner

Image by Silke Hefele

Photographer – Silke Hefele

Location – Hohenzollern Castle, Southern Germany

Portfolio – Instagram @silketravels.photography

Image by Mathieu Rossi

Photographer – Mathieu Rossi

Location – Les Balcons du Mont Blanc, Chamonix Valley, France

Portfolio – Instagram @mat_aroundtheworld

Image by Amit Kagra

Photographer – Amit Kagra

Location – Sanur, Bali – Indonesia

Portfolio – Website | Instagram @amitkagra

Image by Samantha Hemery

Photographer – Samantha Hemery

Location – Paris, France

Portfolio – Instagram @samhemeryphotography

Image by Andrea L-Esteves

Photographer – Andrea L-Esteves

Location -Squamish, British Columbia, Canada

Portfolio – Website | Facebook | Instagram @adv_bird

Image by Yoshihide Noritake

Photographer – Yoshihide Noritake

Location -Seto Inland Sea, Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan

Portfolio – Instagram @yox_photograph

Image by Manasa Prasad

Photographer – Manasa Prasad

Location – Bagan, Myanmar

Portfolio – Instagram @manuchromatiscapes

Image by Nicci Auchincloss

Photographer – Nicci Auchincloss

Location – Rome, Italy

Portfolio – Instagram @nicciauch

Image by Gunther Reissner

Photographer – Gunther Reissner

Location – Mono Lake, South Tufa View Point in California, USA

Portfolio – Instagram @guenther710

Image by Kanika Mediratta

Photographer – Kanika Mediratta

Location – Mrs Macquarie’s Chair Sydney, Australia

Portfolio – Instagram @thebackbutton


Image by Elisabeth Jeryczynski

Photographer – Elisabeth Jeryczynski

Location – Poki Poki, Bomba, Togian Islands, Indonesia

Portfolio – Instagram @_thelisal_

Thank you so much to everyone who submitted an image for the monthly theme!

There will be a new theme announced next week via Instagram @the_wanderinglens or via the newsletter if you’ve signed up. If you’re not already receiving emails from me (not spammy, just once every few weeks or so!) you can do so here. They’re filled with photo tips, career advice and opportunities like this to submit your work to be published on this site which reaches over 125,000 readers.

See you next month!


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Hi, What amazing images have you shared of sunset. I would love to see this every evening. Thank you for sharing this amazing information with us & keep traveling.

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