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Monthly Collection 02 Sand

We long for days by the sea with sand in our toes and the sun on our skin. To explore desert dunes, piled to the sky with sand as far as the eye can see in various formations of peaks and valleys.

Sand is visually such a beautiful natural texture to photograph. It’s soft, ever-changing and shaped by the elements.

The wind can pick it up and carry it to new ground. It can create patterned lines that tower toward the horizon, carve hidden features to make those of us behind the lens in search of the little details do a happy dance.

This month for The Wandering Lens Community Collection the theme was ‘Sand’ and I put out the call via Instagram, Facebook and my Newsletter subscribers to ask for their best sand photo.

Wow are you about to discover some talented photographers!

From golden sands in the Sahara to the white beaches of Southern Australia and black sand beaches of Iceland, there’s such a stunning collection below.

Alongside each image is a link to the photographer’s portfolio or social media account so have a little peek at their work. I’d love for these monthly collections to grow as a place where photographers can showcase their work and connect with one another!

Okay, let’s take a look at the collection this month…

Image by Tanya Crosbie

Photographer – Tanya Crosbie, Ireland

Location – Stokksnes, Iceland

Portfolio – Website | Instagram @picturetheworldphoto

Image by Wendy Philip

Photographer – Wendy Philip, Australia/NZ

Location – Penong, South Australia

Portfolio – Website | Instagram @wendy_philip_


Image by Amber Cree

Photographer – Amber Cree, Australia

Location – Cape Leveque, Western Australia

Portfolio – Website | Instagram @amber.cree

Image by Emma Crook

Photographer – Emma Crook, Australia

Location – Albany, Western Australia (Image part of Emma’s ‘Sand Stories’ collection)

Portfolio – Instagram @e.j.crook

Image be Suzie Weiss

Photographer – Suzie Weiss, Australia

Location – Thar Desert, India

Portfolio – Instagram @suzieweiss

Image by Ilana Sallick

Photographer – Ilana Sallick, Australia

Location – Cape Tribulation, Queensland

Portfolio – Instagram | Portfolio | Print Store

Image by Simone Fischer

Photographer – Simone Fischer, Austria

Location – Pink Beach, Komodo National Park, Indonesia

Portfolio – Instagram @simonedenisefischer

Image by Kate Crittenden

Photographer – Kate Crittenden, Australia

Location – Sahara Desert, Morocco

Portfolio – Instagram @slowly.north | Prints

Image by Neha Paranjape

Photographer – Neha Paranjape, New Zealand

Location – Sumner Beach, Christchurch, NZ

Portfolio – Instagram @postcards_with_peejay

Image by Kerstin Lembke

Photographer – Kerstin Lembke, Australia

Location – Broome, Western Australia

Portfolio – Instagram @kerstinperth

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