05 Green – The Wandering Lens Monthly Collection

Monthly Collection 05 ‘Green’ within the Environment.

Whether it’s a stroll in the countryside, a wander through dense rainforest or just an afternoon spent photographing waterfalls or wildlife, the colour green is evident in many environments.

Lush tropics, desert oases, mountainous forests, alpine scenery, city parks and blooming flowerbeds.

This month is all about showcasing talented photographers who submitted a green themed image to suit the brief. From all corners of the world (again!), I’ve loved browsing through the submissions to finalise the collection below.

Alongside each image is a link to the photographer’s portfolio or social media account so have a little peek at their work. I’d love for these monthly collections to grow as a place where photographers can showcase their work and connect with one another!

Okay, let’s take a look at the collection this month…

Image by Jonathan Racasa

Photographer – Jonathan Racasa

Location – Lake Elsinore, California, USA

Portfolio – Instagram

Image by Kaela Elliot

Photographer – Kaela Elliot

Location – Ohio, USA

Portfolio – Instagram

Image by Kate Crock

Photographer – Kate Crock

Location – Fairview Lookout walk, Lake Louise, Canada

Portfolio – Instagram | Website

Image by Oihane Azcona

Photographer – Oihane Azcona

Location – Fairy Glen, Scotland Highlands

Portfolio – Instagram | Website

Image by Silke Hefele

Photographer – Silke Hefele

Location – Peruvian Peppertree in Mallorca, Spain

Portfolio – Instagram

Image by Pille Pollu

Photographer – Pille Pollu

Location – New Zealand landscapes / multiple exposures

Portfolio – Instagram

Image by Sharni Knibbs

Photographer – Sharni Knibbs

Location – Horseshoe Falls, Mt Field National Park, Tasmania

Portfolio – Instagram

Image by Nicci Auchincloss

Photographer – Nicci Auchincloss

Location – Nambiti Private Game Reserve, South Africa

Portfolio – Instagram

Image by Suzie Weiss

Photographer – Suzie Weiss

Location – Aerial of Elephants at a waterhole in Zimbabwe

Portfolio – Instagram

Image by Drew Brown

Photographer – Drew Brown

Location – Winnats Pass, Peak District, UK

Portfolio – Instagram

Image by Dan Yosun

Photographer – Dan Yosun

Location – Daintree National park, Dubuji Boardwalk, Queensland.

Portfolio – Instagram | Website

Image by Lana Froemming

Photographer – Lana Froemming

Location – Wisconsin, USA

Portfolio – Instagram

Image by Jessica Sanchez

Photographer – Jessica Sanchez

Location – Saguaro National Park in Tuscon, Arizona

Portfolio – Instagram | Website

Image by Laura Merz

Photographer – Laura Merz

Location – Franklin Park Conservatory in Columbus, Ohio (USA)

Portfolio – Instagram | Website

Image by Elisabeth Jeryczynski

Photographer – Elisabeth Jeryczynski

Location – Jaguar Rescue Centre, Costa Rica

Portfolio – Instagram @_thelisal_

Image by Cailin M’Gee

Photographer – Cailin M’Gee

Location – Glencoe, Scotland

Portfolio – Instagram

Image by Guadalupe Ludmila Gardetti

Photographer – Guadalupe Ludmila Gardetti

Location – Lorne, Australia

Portfolio – Instagram | Website

Thank you so much to everyone who submitted an image for the monthly theme!

There will be a new theme announced in June via Instagram @the_wanderinglens or via the newsletter if you’ve signed up. If you’re not already receiving emails from me (not spammy, just once every few weeks or so!) you can do so here. They’re filled with photo tips, career advice and opportunities like this to submit your work to be published on this site which reaches over 125,000 readers.

You can view past collections via the links below…

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See you next month!


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