01 Snow – The Wandering Lens Community Collection

*Cover image by Guenther Reissner

Monthly Collection 01 Snow

Snow, it’s glistening beauty covering landscapes in a white blanket of magic and transforming winter scenes into a wonderlands. There’s something so gentle, elegant and mesmerising about snow in it’s many forms. From powdery puffs to stoic chunks frozen over time, it’s a photogenic element and one I personally love photographing.

This month is the first of a yearly project that will feature the work of The Wandering Lens community, photographers from all corners of the world coming together to share work with a common theme.

January kicks off with a focus on snow; snowy landscapes, forests, mountains and beautiful areas in their winter coat.

The collection includes photographers from the UK to Australia and everywhere in between then back again in the other direction, it’s so exciting to see such a diverse range of imagery and talent.

Alongside each image is a link to the photographer’s portfolio or social media account so have a little peek at their work. I’d love for these monthly collections to grow as a place where photographers can showcase their work and connect with one another!

If you’re keen to improve your photography, the following articles relate to the monthly theme of snow:

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Okay, let’s take a look at the collection this month…

Image by Jana Hoffmann

Photographer – Jana Hoffmann

Location – Canmore, Alberta, Canada

Portfolio – Instagram @_janahoffmann_

Image by Kunal Mahesh Tewari

Photographer – Kunal Mahesh Tewari

Location – Hallstat, Austria

Portfolio – Website | Instagram

Image by Debbie McCulliss

Photographer – Debbie McCulliss

Location – South Georgia Island

Portfolio – debbiemccullissphotography.com

Image by Kate Miles

Photographer – Kate Miles

Location – Glacial streams, Iceland

Portfolio – Website | Instagram

Image by Simone Fischer

Photographer – Simone Fischer

Location – Obertauern, Austria

Portfolio – @simonedenisefischer

Image by Guenther Reissner

Photographer – Guenther Reissner

Location – Styria, Austraia

Portfolio – @guenther710 | 500px.com

Image by Kanika Mediratta

Photographer – Kanika Mediratta

Location – Oberon, NSW, Australia

Portfolio – @thebackbutton

Image by Drew Brown

Photographer – Drew Brown

Location – Goyt Valley, Peak District, UK

Portfolio – @drewster1963

Image by Clive Ingram

Photographer – Clive Ingram

Location – Svalbard, Norway

Portfolio – ingymon.co.uk

Image by Frank Briden

Photographer – Frank Briden

Location – Morristown, New Jersey, USA

Portfolio – www.frankbridenphotography.com

Image by Daniel Lacroix

Photographer – Daniel Lacroix

Location – Blue Mood, USA

Portfolio – Instagram

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Thanks to everyone who submitted an image! Unfortunately I’m unable to publish all of them but every month this year you’ll be able to submit a new image so there are plenty of opportunities left 🙂

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