The Traveller Series: September Edition of Your Travel Photos!

The Traveller Series kicked off with a bang last month and over the past few weeks I’ve had loads of photography submissions from travellers and photographers all around the world.

From Egypt to the Cook Islands, the September Edition is sure to turn your wanderlust up a notch, these places are dream worthy.

Sharing photos of beautiful destinations around the world is what this series is all about. And it’s completely created by YOUR travel photos.

Every month I’ll be selecting the top five (or six if I can’t decide) images to feature in this post alongside links to each photographers blog or Instagram.

So here it is…The September Edition of The Traveller Series.

Congratulations to everyone featured below, incredible work!


Photographer: Scotty Pass

Instagram: @Scottypass

Location: One Foot Island, Aitutaki, Cook Islands

Aitutaki, Cook Islands


Photographer: Steph Garner

Instagram: @downtime_and_daydreams

Blog: Downtime and Daydreams

Location: Mount Sinai, Egypt

Downtime and Daydreams - Egypt(2)


Photographer: Lester Chan

Instagram: @mrlesterchan

Location: Taitomo Island, New Zealand

New Zealand - Lester Chan


Photographer: Sharon Lewin

Instagram: @TheNomadicTraveller

Location: Los Flamencos National Park, Atacama Desert, Chile

Chile - Sharon Lewin


Photographer: Ayesha Wije

Instagram: @on_the_wander

Location: The Sahara Desert

sahara desert


Photographer: Jesse Horne

Instagram: @drawnabroad

Website: Drawn Abroad

Location: Kathmandu, Nepal

Kathmandu, Nepal


Thanks to everyone who submitted images for this edition, you’re of course more than welcome to submit again if you missed out on being featured this time around!

If you have a great travel photo to share from one of your adventures around the world…now is the time to submit to The Traveller Series!

To submit a photograph for The October Edition, all you need to do is the following:

Send an email to with the below inclusions…

– Attach your favourite travel photo at a minimum size of 800px wide

– Include your full name

– Include the location details of the photo

– Include a link to your instagram and/or blog so I can include it in the post!

Good luck! The deadline for submissions is September 31st, 2015.

Happy travels!



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Blog Comments

Love these! It’s always been my dream to visit the Sahara Desert but now I think I’ll add the Atacama Desert to the list too! 🙂

I’m coming with you Paula…they look so photogenic!

Hi there I saw your pictures on instagram & I love them all. Awesome gallery of pictures.

I always wanted to learn photography but I just dont have the time & money to spend on taking photography lessons. Maybe you can help me & give me ideas about photography.

Hoping to hear from you.


Hi Joy, great to hear you found me via Instagram!
Photography is fun to learn because you can do it whenever you have a bit of spare time, whether it’s keeping a small camera in your handbag to snap some shots on the way to work or on the weekends. I wrote an article about Improving Your Photographic Eye, which is a great place to start and there are a few challenges listed to try.
Have fun with it 🙂

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