The Traveller Series: October Instagram Edition

Instagram has become a visual library of travel inspiration with amateur and professional photographers documenting their adventures from all corners of the world. I love nothing more than scrolling through images every day to see where people have been, what they’ve experienced and how they’ve captured a destination.

Most of the time it ends in a case of ‘I wish I was there’.

Last month I put out the call on Instagram looking to feature travel themed accounts and I was overwhelmed by the response. From Easter Island to Malta, Dubai to Japan…I discovered some great accounts and am very excited to share them with you all.

Some of the accounts below have a lot of followers, others not so many but numbers mean nothing when it comes to inspiring content and I wanted to share real accounts. Each account featured is all about showcasing life on the road (or boat in some cases) and general wanderlustworthy fun on nearly every continent. I’ve heard where some of them are heading next too and it’s going to be great to follow along on their journey!

A big congratulations to everyone featured below…take a peek and follow their adventures as they Instagram their way around the world…


Photographer – Jade Moran

Instagram Account – @jade_international

Currently Based/Travelling – California, USA (previously Japan)

Photo Location – Fushimi Inari Shrine, Kyoto, Japan

Jade Moran


Photographer – Susanne Kirschenhofer

Instagram Account – @susanne_live

Currently Based/Travelling – Vienna, Austria

Photo Location – Dubai Desert, UAE




Photographers – Ben and Jenna Thomas

Instagram Account – @wildimagining

Currently Based/Travelling – Croatia then Detroit, Michigan, USA.

Photo Location – Ninh Binh, at the top of Mua Peak, Vietnam

ben and jenna _wildimagining



Photographer – Nathan Brayshaw

Instagram Account – @man_beard_camera

Currently Based/Travelling – Brisbane, Australia

Photo Location – Lahore, Pakistan



Photographer – Jhon Entrop

Instagram Account – @jhonentrop

Currently Based/Travelling – Tasmania, Australia

Photo Location – Dunalley, Australia




Photographer – Valerie Rouillon

Instagram Account – @octabis

Currently Based/Travelling – Auvergne, France

Photo Location – World wanderer, currently in France.




Photographer – Christophe Martin

Instagram Account – @chr1stophemartin

Currently Based/Travelling – Malta

Photo Location – Swimming with whales off the island of Moorea, French Polynesia




Photographer – Eric Poeltl

Instagram Account – @epoeltl

Currently Based/Travelling – La Reunion, Indian Ocean (Sailing around the world)

Photo Location – Caleta Hotuiti, Easter Island

Eric _ epoeltl



Photographer – Jiahui Foo

Instagram Account – @thewanderingpig

Currently Based/Travelling – Singapore

Photo Location – Kings Creek Cattle Station, Northern Territory, Australia. “Sunrise illuminating the red sand, dry vegetation and vast blue skies stretching as far as my eye could see”.




Photographer – Adriana Stan

Instagram Account – @adystan

Currently Based/Travelling – Aruba, soon travelling South America + Asia

Photo Location – Santu Pretu, Curacao




Photographer – Rodrigo Stefanini

Instagram Account – @rostefanini

Currently Based/Travelling – Brazilian living in Singapore

Photo Location – Paris, France




Photographer – Amanda Palm

Instagram Account – @palm78922

Currently Based/Travelling – Reunion Island (Sailing around the world with @epoeltl)

Photo Location – Nouméa, New Caledonia

Amanda _ palm78922



And to finish with a bang…take a peek at the outdoor adventures of Will in New Zealand!

Photographer – Will Nuechterlein

Instagram Account – @saltyfoto

Currently Based/Travelling – Christchurch, New Zealand

Photo Location – Lake Matheson, New Zealand

will _ saltyfoto



Thanks to everyone who sent in images to feature in The Traveller Series, for those of you who missed out this time, there’s always next month!

The November Edition will have a theme…WATER!

If you’ve got a great shot of the ocean, a lake, the sea, a pool…anything that relates to water from your travels I’d love to see it.

To submit your image all you need to do is send me an email to

Please include the following –

  • Your ‘Water’ photo sized a minimum of 800pixels wide
  • Full name (so I can credit you)
  • Blog/website address
  • Instagram account
  • Photo locations details (exactly where you took it)

All photographs entered must be your own work and the more creative the better chance of being featured!

Good luck 🙂

Entries close November 7th, 2015.

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