The Traveller Series: November Edition – Water

Travel photography and water go hand in hand. Whether it’s ripples on a lake at sunrise, crashing waves hitting the shoreline of a sandy beach or the wonderful world beneath the surface.

Water adds a creative element to photography and this month The Traveller Series is all about showcasing the talented photographers who capture it beautifully.

From islands in Australia to the Amazon, the chosen photographers have taken incredible water themed images and I’m so excited to share them with you!

Take a peek below at their collection of photos then click through to the Instagram accounts noted to check out more of their amazing work…with summer on the way in the southern hemisphere it’s definitely going to inspire a few trips to the coast.

Featured header image by Karyna Wilkerson.


Photographer: Hannah Jessup

Location: Lady Elliot Island, Queensland, Australia


Instagram: @photosbyhannahjessup

Hannah Jessup


Photographer: Ryan Lamer

Location: Antigua, Caribbean

Instagram: @ryanlamer

ryan lamer


Photographer: Bree Sorrell – Mi Alma Photography

Location: Greenmount Point, Gold Coast, Australia

Instagram: @mialmaphotography

Bree Sorrell


Photographer: Karyna Wilkerson

Location: Makua Beach, Oahu Hawaii

Instagram: @karynaHi

Karyna Wilkerson


Photographer: Mark Fitzpatrick

Location: Heron Island, Queensland, Australia

Instagram: @_markfitz

Mark Fitzgerald


Photographer: Grace Smith

Location: Amazon River, Brazil

Instagram: @thetravellinggiraffe

Grace Smith


Thanks to everyone who sent in photographs for this month’s series!

If you would like to see your name in lights and have your photo featured in The December Edition of The Traveller Series…keep reading!

Next month is the festive season so what better theme to feature than…Christmas.

What does Christmas mean where you live? Is it snow covered mountains and Christmas markets? Or perhaps a BBQ by the beach and a day in the sunshine?

Send in a photo that represents the landscape or scene where you spend Christmas, the more creative the better!

Email them through to with the following inclusions:

  • Location Details (where was the photo taken?)
  • Your Full Name
  • A link to your website and/or Instagram accont
  • A sentence about your ideal Christmas destination

The entry deadline is December 6th so get your photos ready and send them through!

I can’t wait to see them all 🙂

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