Behind the Lens… The Duck Photo, Queenstown

The sun was shining, snow had fallen on the peaks overnight and the lake was clear and still.

Driving to Wilson Bay from Queenstown I was getting so excited by the snow capped mountains lurking above Lake Wakatipu. I had with me an underwater housing with the idea of jumping in the lake and capturing split landscape shots; alpine scenery above and clear cold water below.

One of the prettiest photo locations around Queenstown and my personal favourite, Wilson Bay was exactly how I wanted it to be. The sun was shining, snow had fallen on the peaks overnight and the lake was clear and still.

Now to give you a little insight into my diet this trip…I lived off biscuits during the day. Not because I’m the cookie monster or on the latest fad diet (if only that existed!) but because I was out shooting from sunrise to starlight. I couldn’t bare the thought of missing a moment by stopping to get a decent meal when I could be taking photos of an amazing landscape. I’m not that much of a foodie so it’s my first compromise!

So back to the lake…eating biscuits by the lake obviously attracts ducks. Usually it’s an entire family and their friends, on this day it was just two. Two snow coloured friendly ducks with matching yellow beaks and webbed feet came up for a closer look to see what I was doing (and eating).

With my underwater housing ready to photograph the alpine landscapes, I instead slowly dipped it into the water in an attempt to photograph a split-level shot of these curious cuties. Wading into the near freezing water the duckies thought I was simply bringing the biscuits to them so they followed me and swam around waiting for my next move. I love that this image captures their curiosity!

I ran out of the water so excited with this shot that I completely forgot about the mountains and had to return to take that shot the following day.

*Apologies for all the biscuit talk.

Camera Settings:

ISO 160


Focal length 23mm (12mm Olympus Equivalent)

Exposure +0.3

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This is absolutely beautiful. I love ducks (and biscuits)!

Haha, happy to hear someone else is willing to admit cookie monster tenancies 🙂

Lovely capture and thanks for sharing your great story too!

Thanks Wendy 🙂

Awww how cute! Great photo!:)

Thanks Laura! Definitely a little cutie!

What a fun story! I love how unpredictable photography can be. Some of my favorite photos were happy accidents, too!

Happy accidents is a great way of putting it 🙂

“Apologies for all the biscuit talk.” – LOL!

This is such a genius shot, Lisa! I’m excited to check out your store!

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