Menton, France: The Colourful Gem of the French Riveria

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You’ve no doubt heard of glitzy and fabulous Monaco, colourful Nice and the other resident stars of the Cote d’Azure like Cannes and Saint-Tropez.

Well, there’s a new destination on the scene. Menton.

With it’s quaint little alleys, vibrant art scene and bright facades overlooking sandy shores, it’s a photographic palette of opportunities.

Actually, Menton isn’t so new. It’s where Queen Victoria first stayed on the French Riviera in 1882 and has been quietly going about it’s business by the Mediterranean Sea ever since. It’s no flashy celebrity hot spot and doesn’t attract the huge crowds of the other coastal ports, making it ideal to visit regardless of the season.

A visit to Menton means sunshine, sea, and a ten minute drive to Italy. That’s right, Italy is just at the other end of the beach! Pop over for lunch and back to France for dinner.

Bordered by the Maritime Alps where fruit crops of oranges and lemons bloom year round, Menton is a picturesque, historical gem. The medieval old town was founded by pirates and the names of tiny cobbled lanes are reminiscent of those very men to this day.

Below are 8 photos to give you a reason to visit Menton next time you’re on the Cote d’Azure…

menton Menton_France02 Menton_France04 Menton_France05 Menton_France06 Menton_France07 MENTON01 MENTON03-2


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Oh my gosh! It is absolutely stunning. I so can’t wait to see it for myself! Thanks for the inspiration/nagging wanderlust 🙂

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