Visual Hotel Review: Novotel Monte Carlo, Monaco

A view toward the Prince’s Palace, a harbour filled with mega yachts and the calm seas of the Mediterranean.

That’s what you can expect to see from your balcony at the Novotel Monte Carlo, a hotel where you can soak up the glitz without breaking the budget.

With the trademark clean styling of every Accor property, each room is fresh and well-appointed offering the perfect base for exploring the wonders of Monaco.

If you’re visiting to photograph Monaco or exploring the sights you’ll probably find a day isn’t quite enough. Being able to drop your suitcase and head outdoors from sunrise to starry night offers the chance to see Monaco is every light, a true spectacle that few get to witness.

The hotel is based right near the train station allowing easy access once you arrive and then a short walk to the sea regardless of which direction you wander.

As with all Visual Hotel Reviews I’ll let the photos do the talking so please find a collection below to highlight the fabulous Novotel Monte Carlo.

Actually no. One more thing. If you’re keen for some late night gaming and don’t have a gown for the casino, in your hotel room you’ll find an X-BOX and Nespresso Machine, both of which I was tempted to use and failed to muster the skills for one.

Apparently I’m no barista!

In the coming days I’ll be posting a guide to all the best photo locations in Monaco so keep an eye out.

Take a peek at my stay below…

Monaco31 Monaco22Monaco01 Monaco02 Monaco03 Monaco04 Monaco05 Monaco06 Monaco08 Monaco09 Monaco10 Monaco13 Monaco14 Monaco15 Monaco16 Monaco17 Monaco18 Monaco21 Monaco24 Monaco26 Monaco29 Monaco30 Monaco32 Monaco33 Monaco37 Monaco38 Monaco39 Monaco40

To find out more information about Accor properties around Monte Carlo take a peek here.

*I was a guest of Accor during my stay but as always, opinions are my own and this was definitely a jump on the bed with excitement type hotel!

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