The Maldives : An underwater photography dream

Hello from the sunny island nation of the Maldives!

I arrived five days ago and it’s taken me this long to pinch myself and realise I’m actually here. Really. The first two days were spent in utter disbelief that this paradise exists, taking thousands of photographs to try and convince myself it’s reality.
Below is a small collection of images from my Instagram feed @the_wanderinglens where I’ve been sharing my adventures from the One&Only Reethi Rah resort both above and below the water.

Shortly I’ll be posting a guide on how to take underwater photographs and it will be filled with examples from this trip…including turtles which I was lucky enough to swim with this morning!

COT_0591-2 COT_0629 COT_1054 COT_1266 COT_1298 DCIM100GOPRO instabird LMB_3999 LMB_4052-2 LMB_4068

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I love this website. It comes up often in my travel research and every time it’s value added. Thanks for the work you’ve put in to make my travels easier.

Thanks so much Renee, that’s so lovely to hear! Really appreciate you reading my site 🙂

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