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Hong Kong offers a multitude of scenes, you can find markets, islands, theme parks and nature walks. Getting lost amidst the high rise buildings is like being in a futuristic world whilst taking a wrong turn could have you exploring ancient traditions.

I’ve previously published my guide to ‘The Best Photography Locations in Hong Kong‘ but wanted to also share a collection of images and their stories.

Here is a photo diary of Hong Kong…


Kowloon Street Scene


Tai O Fishing Village on Lantau Island, accessible via the scenic route of train then cable car to the Big Buddha then taxi or you can catch a ferry from Central Pier to Lantau followed by a taxi ride or local bus.


Kowloon Markets on a Saturday…don’t go on a weekend unless you love crowds!


The skyline of Hong Kong and Victoria Harbour photographed from The Peak, a must visit location for an incredible view over the city day or night!


Kowloon Street Scene…Hong Kong is a great place to test your slow shutter settings and have fun blurring traffic against the colourful streets.


In a peaceful corner of Kowloon is the Bird Market, a chirpy collection of exotic birds for sale along with all the bird cage decor you can imagine.


The Bird Market of Kowloon is not only for selling birds, the owners like to bring along their prized pets for a singalong with their feathered friends.


Along the walk to the Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery, a Buddhist temple in Sha Tin, Hong Kong you’ll wander past well…10,000 Buddhas!


Detailed roof tiles perched on top of a house in Tai O Village on Lantau Island.


Among the Antique shops of Cat Street on Hong Kong Island you will find some absolute gems. This store was my favourite, you could rummage through for hours and still continue to dig up treasures.


This is one of my favourite travel photos because I visited this spot on Cheung Chau Island five years prior to taking this shot and back then photographed the very same man sitting amongst the bicycles…sometimes the world is amazing.


Cheung Chau Island is a great little getaway from the bustle of Hong Kong, hire a bicycle and ride around to the beach or through the local streets.


The Sailboard Club of Cheung Chau Island.


When the annual Cheung Chau Bun Festival is on it’s a great time to visit the island. Buns are baked then attached to large 60ft high towers which local men then climb and snatch off all of the buns. Crazy goodness!


Cheung Chau has a great local beach where you can swim or rent kayaks and paddle boards, this is the lifeguard tower.


Cheung Chau is home to an impressive fleet of fishing boats. History has it that pirate treasure is buried somewhere in one of the islands caves too!


School’s out! The streets of Cheung Chau have a more relaxed feel and are great for exploring the real lifestyles of the island residents.


Eight of the ten thousand Buddha statues that lead the path to the monastery. A great experience but in summer be sure to take loads of water with you, it can get really sticky.


Nathan Road, Kowloon


The Big Buddha of Lantau Island is a must see monument whilst in Hong Kong, the cable car ride up and over the mountain scenery along the way is just part of the fun too!


Details of the Po Lin Monastery on Lantau Island.


Dried seafood treats at the Tai O market.


Wandering the streets of Tai O village reveals an old world of tiny fishing stilt houses.


Autumn colours at the Po Lin Monastery on Lantau Island.


Dried fish in Tai O Fishing Village.


Tai O village street scene.


It appears a gardener in Tai O village has quite the sense of humour!


Octopus biscuits anyone?

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I only went to Hong Kong for a conference and I didn’t see enough of the city.

It’s definitely worth another visit to explore a little further 🙂

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