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Paros Island is where white washed fishing villages, rocky coastlines and olive plantations meet the sparkling Aegean Sea.

I like to think of it as the chilled out little sister to the more popular neighbouring islands of Mykonos, Ios and Santorini.

It’s rustic, relaxing and ideal for outdoor adventures.

Fairy lights hang throughout the colourful harbour village of Naoussa on the islands northeast corner. Photogenic from every angle you’ll find hidden alleys offering Cycladic charm and coves with waterfront cafes and bars.

Naoussa is also home to perhaps the cutest harbour I’ve ever photographed. Wooden fishing boats bob gently on the clear teal water as fisherman sit on brightly painted chairs and octopus hang drying in the sunshine.

Like many of the Greek Islands, it’s possible to drive around Paros Island in a day, exploring every beach, village and historic sight along the way.

In the mountaneous region of the island are the beautiful villages of Kostos and Leftkes. Kostos is a sleepy little village gleaming with brightly coloured fuchsia bougainvillea and a quaint town square. Leftkes was the original captial of Paros and while it’s much larger than Kostos, retains that slow pace and mountain vistas.

Below you’ll find a series of images taken from my recent trip to Paros Island. Based in Naoussa I drove around the island trying to find every photogenic location.

Location details are listed in the image captions…

Naoussa Harbour, Paros Island by The Wandering Lens - Greece - Greek Islands

Naoussa looking towards the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin from the sea behind Karnagio bar.


The fishing port of Naoussa is as colourful as it is traditional.


White washed streets of Naoussa are photogenic in every direction.


Known for it’s clear waters and chiseled granite rocks Kolimbithres is a popular beach area on Paros, located in Plastira Bay a short boat trip from Naoussa.


Captivating colours adorn houses throughout the small village of Kostos.


Exploring the photogenic streets of Naoussa.


The town square of Kostos is small yet inviting and worth exploring with your camera!


The Church of Agia Triada stands tall above the mountain village of Lefkes.


Hire a car to explore the small streets that weave through the agricultural areas of Paros.


Looking over the island chapel towards Naoussa from Kolimbithres Beach.


Road tripping around Paros is a must-do when visiting.


Along the eastern coast of Paros are clear water bays and rocky coves.


Rocky landscapes lead the way to the Mycenaean Acropolis (Koukounaries).


Church of the Assumption of the Virgin is located at the highest point overlooking Naoussa village.


The Old Port of Naoussa is very sleeping early in the morning, offering great photo opportunities of the local fishermen starting their day.


Kanale’s Rooms and Suites surround a beautiful pool area and on top is a scenic terrace with views over the bay.


Kolimbithres Beach.






Paros Island, Greek Islands by The Wandering Lens


If you’re heading to Paros and are looking for somewhere beautiful to stay, I can’t recommend Kanale’s Rooms & Suites highly enough. The team are so friendly, especially Tony at the front desk who also loves photography and will happily point out some scenic places to visit!


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You’ve captured my favorite place on earth stunningly. Thanks fro the view!

Amazing photos! Thanks for sharing, I can’t wait to go back to Paros.

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