Free Photography Course – The Composition Challenge

Online Photography Course

Join the free short course and improve your composition skills!

To kick start 2022 with a creative boost, this online photography course is designed to guide you through 5-days of creative challenges to improve your composition.

If you’ve ever wanted to know how to make your photos stand out, how to make your photos look professional or how to take a creative approach towards framing a photo, this challenge is for you!

Please note this short course is now CLOSED for enrolments. However, you can now join The 3-Week Composition Reset Program and start today!

Short Course Details – The 5 Day Composition Challenge (now closed)

Each day, for five days, you’ll receive an email delivered straight to your inbox with the next set of tips and creative challenges.

It’s completely free and by registering, you simply join the mailing list 🙂

The short course format is designed to be inspiring and formulate new creative ideas and intentions, without feeling overwhelming. It’s for photographers who want some fresh motivation to take photos, who want to improve or work towards a photography career.

For five days, we’ll work through various composition techniques to transform your approach to photography! You may love photographing landscapes and want to improve your beach scenes, or perhaps you enjoy photographing people and want to boost your creative composition of subjects.

The topics covered will be:

01 – Introduction + Self-Assessment

02 – Incorporating Foreground Elements

03 – Working with Leading Lines

04 – Creating and Capturing Reflections

05 – Photographing negative space with a minimal approach

06 – Exciting announcement for those keen to continue learning 🙂

*Please note, if you are already on my mailing list, please get in touch so I can ensure you’re registered for the short course! There’s no harm in registering below as it will simply update your newsletter preferences.

UPDATE – This short course is now closed for enrolments, you can instead join The Wandering Lens mailing list here for all future updates, photo tips + free lessons OR get started today with The 3-Week Composition Reset course.



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