Editing Tips: Common Photo Editing Queries + Answers

Photo Editing Basics – How to Edit Do you enjoy the editing process? Enhancing an image, even slightly, to ensure the features and details are as good as they can be, is such a crucial skill for many photographers.   There can be a lot of opinions related to how to ‘best edit’. Your photographs are always open to interpretation and you’ll therefore have people saying perhaps you need to add more contrast, that you added too much saturation, or you need to edit less.    Try to stay true to what it is YOU want your image to look like, feedback is great to take on board if you’re still learning, but never let it steer you away from your creative vision. Unless of course a client has asked for bright, colourful images and you’ve provided dark and gloomy ones, take this feedback on board immediately and give them what they want 😊   Your editing workflow can become an integral part of the creative process. Taking a photo is one step, enhancing it’s features is another step that allows you to reveal the artist within, whether you’re just adding a touch of brightness or reshaping your image into a … Continue reading Editing Tips: Common Photo Editing Queries + Answers