A Photographer’s Guide to Creative Vision


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A Photographer’s Guide to Creative Vision – Learn how to unleash your creativity and develop your photographic eye with this eBOOK written by professional photographer Lisa Michele Burns.

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Unleash your creativity + stand out as a photographer!


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It’s no longer enough to simply take a great photo. Now more than ever there’s so much content being produced that in order to stand out you need a point of difference within your work.

Whether you’re hoping to simply improve your photography, add a little sparkle to your images or to get closer to working as a professional photographer,  this guide will share tips on how to develop your photographic eye, create a style of your own and to see the world with a creative vision.

I’ve been working as a professional photographer for 14years and over this time have seen my own style change and grow as my skills improved and I started to develop a cohesive body of work. It’s through lessons of my own and in mentoring other photographers that I’ve created a number of techniques and challenges that work towards changing the way you interpret a scene and capture it with your camera.

Within this eBOOK you’ll get the following –

– Challenges to Improve your Photographic Eye

– Creative Composition Tips

– How to Develop your Own Style

– Editing Basics to Make your Images Pop

– How to Turn a Creative Idea into a Project

– How to Curate your own Work

+ behind the scenes tips + stories from The Wandering Lens.

It’s the pocket photography tutor you’ll need to give your images a creative edge!

Release Date – FEBRUARY 18th, 2019

Pre-orders are currently being taken at the special price of $50.

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Order your copy now as motivation and an investment for your photography goals in 2019.

EBOOK - A Photographer's Guide to Creative Vision




    Lisa Michele Burns

    Travel and landscape photographer from Australia who is far more comfortable in a pair of flippers than heels! Having worked for publications such as Lonely Planet, Wanderlust and the Sunday Times, Lisa founded The Wandering Lens to share destination guides to the worlds most photogenic places and outdoor experiences.

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