Lisa Michele Burns Professional Photographer + Editor of The Wandering Lens

Lisa Michele Burns

Professional Photographer + Editor of The Wandering Lens

Lisa Michele Burns of The Wandering Lens - How I Became a Travel Photographer


Thanks for visiting The Wandering Lens!

I’m an Australian photojournalist in a constant search of amazing landscapes to photograph.

Specialising in underwater, landscapes and travel imagery I enjoy seeing the world in a different way and am excited to share the adventures of The Wandering Lens and the locations I find along the way.

I started out in photography by taking photos to go alongside my articles whilst working as a newspaper journalist in New South Wales. I never took a course, studied textbooks and only flick through the camera manual when I get really stuck (we’ve all been there right!?).

I’m a total believer in real world learning, getting amongst the elements and finding out how your gear works by using it. I find photography is a creative outlet in which there will always be something to improve on or some new fancy technique to try. It’s the never-ending chase of a great photo, beautiful landscape and priceless moment that keeps me travelling with my camera.

The Wandering Lens is my way of sharing what I learn with people wanting to improve their travel photography, those seeking great places to take photos or develop a career as a professional photographer. You won’t find hugely technical articles with fandangle words no one understands, I tend to type like I speak so my guides are just what I know expressed with regular, non-fandangle words.

For the past two years I’ve been living in Provence, France while I explored all over Europe and created content and guides for tourism boards in places like Norway, Iceland and Greece. Now though I’m back home in Australia, looking to explore more of my own country and those a little closer to home like New Zealand, the Pacific Islands and Asia…I’m currently obsessed with Japan after taking my first photo tour there and travelling with a great group of people…more trips planned for 2018 so keep an eye out if you’re keen to come along!

If you’re a tourism board or brand and would like to work with The Wandering Lens to enhance your image library or showcase your destination please have a peek at the ‘Work With Me’ section and get in touch!

If you’ve got a photography related question, want me to cover a particular destination for your upcoming trip or just have something great to share I would love to hear from you!

You can reach me at or via Instagram @the_wanderinglens

To read more about how my career developed in photography, have a little read here.

If you’re keen on improving your photography skills and creativity, you can join me in 2018 on one of my international photo tours. I’ll be guiding tours in Japan, Iceland and New Zealand so be sure to check out my ‘Workshops + Photo Tours‘ page for all the information. I’ll be announcing my 2018 Photo Tour schedule shortly so to be in the know, sign up to my newsletter here.

Take a peek at the ‘What’s in my Bag‘ to check out all the details on my Olympus camera gear too!

So lastly, I just wanted to say thanks for stopping by, I publish The Wandering Lens simply to share my love of travel photography so am always happy when someone logs on to read it!

Happy travels 🙂



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